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Corporate, 2018-02-27, 10:00 AM

125th anniversary of the escalator

We are celebrating the 125th anniversary of the first escalator. The very first escalator went into operation on January 16th, 1893 in New York. Escalators were then known as ‘Incline Elevators’ 125 years ago, Jesse Reno invented the first working escalator which was installed at the Old Iron Pier at Coney Island in New York.

The incline elevator carried passengers at a 25-degree angle across seven feet. This system carried an estimated 75,000 people over the course of two weeks. Today, more than 100 billion people use escalators every year in the US alone.

thyssenkrupp’s evolution in escalator technology

thyssenkrupp have perfected technology used in escalators over the past few decades. We have a variety of escalators ranging from those that are only 890 centimetres long to 53.68 metres long. The every expanding technology has allowed us to create these varieties of escalators whether that is pushing the limit of angles, height or speed. Some escalators can carry passengers at 0.9 metres/sec for those who are in a hurry.

Fun fact: If all escalators installed by thyssenkrupp were joined together, they would be long enough to scale a mountain with a height of 500 kilometres.

The evolution of the escalator means there are more secure jobs. Around 155,000 people work in the elevator and escalator industry worldwide. In Germany alone, there are around 18,000. Across Europe there are more than 136,000 escalators installed, each of which has a life-span of 30 years before it needs to be modernised to keep up with the ever-changing technology.

The escalator’s 125th birthday is a great occasion for thyssenkrupp to celebrate. It is a perfect opportunity for staff to look back at the history and look into the future of the escalator, and potential technical developments. We continue to make urban mobility smarter with the use of rope-less MULTI elevator.

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